TSCA Exchanges

Hosting a Middle School Student from Daisen, Japan

Each summer, a group of middle school students from Daisen, Japan will visit Temecul. The visit is typically around the last week of July to the first week of August. TSCA welcomes families with middle/high school students that would like to host one of our visiting students. Activities are planned for most days. For more information and an application to host, please contact us at:

feedback@temeculasistercityassociation.org or call (951) 750-1088.


“I hosted a Japanese student early in the summer and grew to love the Japanese people.  After learning more and more from this I feel the same towards the Dutch people.  What a great program.  I only wish we had more sister cities so we could learn about more cultures and countries.  It's a great learning experience for my family. ” - Julie Bishop, Host Mom

TVUSD High School Student Trip to the Netherlands

The next high school student trip to Leidschendam-Voorburg will be during spring break of 2016. Announcements will be made at each school site for contact information or you may contact us at:



Temecula School Trip to Daisen, Japan

In March of 2014, a group of Temecula school students visited our Japanese sister-city Daisen, located in the Tottori prefecture. They also explored other areas of Japan including Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. They made a lifetime of memories with their host families.

The next student trip to Daisen, Japan will be spring break of 2017. For more information contact us at daisen@temeculasistercityassociation.org






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